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Rupert Sawyer’s media career goes back to his youthful days as an A&R man for the mythical, market-leading Worldwide Records, a job he undertook at the same time as working on some of early examples of independent television production. A key, but little known figure in Frost on Nixon and in the punk movement (‘Never Mind, It’s Bollocks’), Sawyer later moved into media ad sales, the BBC, ITV, and, in its early days Channel 4 before landing a top job at BSB. After a short period in rehab, he branched out into film making, finance and something else beginning with f.

He is now the visionary behind Channel 8, the most exciting development on the electronic programme guide, since numbers after 5 were invented. During that time, he shot to prominence with a leveraged buy out of the BBC, before investing in, and selling off a wide portfolio of media assets in newspapers, music, television, new media (any more?). Described as “super smooth, like a penis” by the Media Guardian, and “a media leader just like all the others” by the Financial Times, Sawyer is the CEO for our times. His great skill is to appear to be somebody different, but very important each week.

You can learn all about Rupert Sawyer in his column for Media Guardian. For background information Channel 8, you’re in the right place! You’ll find pages on Channel 8’s successes, a memorable interview, programmes in development, and of courser Sawyer in Style, the latest brand extension – a clothing line. Who can wait for more….

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